XCR Rifles, barrels, parts Redux
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Thread: XCR Rifles, barrels, parts Redux

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    XCR Rifles, barrels, parts Redux

    Looking at moving in the next few months. Trying to clean out the shop some. The below is what I've got for XCR stuff that I'd be willing to part with. Let me know if you've got questions. I'll be updating this with pics/prices over the next few days. I've got a lot going on and if I waited to do this all at once, I wouldn't get around to doing it. Some of this is listed on GB. Forum prices will be lower than GB.

    Complete Rifles:
    XCR-L, competition length, FDE, 7.62x39, light profile, FAST stock. NEW. PM for price
    XCR Rifles, barrels, parts Redux-img_20170318_163734024.jpg
    XCR-L, mid gen 46XX, latest trigger, ambi safety, quad rail, original bho, 7.62x39, heavy barrel, fixed stock with fixed MOE stock, MOE grip, Troy sling mount. Clean internals. Doesn't appear to have been fired much.
    XCR Rifles, barrels, parts Redux-img_20170318_163700038.jpg
    XCR-L, early lower but has ambi safety, latest trigger. I had Tactaylor shave the rails on the upper. lower and upper were cerakoted together in magpul FDE. folding tube stock in RA FDE, doesn't quite match the upper lower but it's not bad. 5.45x39, light profile barrel. one piece op rod. Rifle weighs 6lbs 12oz. "feels" light for an XCR. I've got some MOE rails with backer plates that will attach through the vents if you wanted to add a grip or light.
    XCR Rifles, barrels, parts Redux-img_20170318_163557992.jpg

    Trigger Assembly(complete)
    Trigger springs
    Extractors with detent and spring 5.56, 6.5, 7.62
    Ambi mag release, round
    Firing pin, original style
    6.8 bolt, complete type 2
    7.62 bolt, complete type 2
    5.45 bolt, complete type 2 or 3
    BHO, one piece and post 2012
    Common parts kits, old and new style bcg
    Op rod, std, mini, one piece, have a old style unused mini as well
    Ejectors with bolts and washers
    Gas plugs, 5.56, 6.8, 7.62, Type 1
    Recoil buffer (lower mounted)
    Gas tube, Type 1 std, mini, micro
    Bolt carrier, Type 1
    16" 7.62x39 light profile type 3 block
    16" 5.45x39 heavy profile type 3 block
    16" 5.56 1/9 heavy profile type 3 block

    charging handle assembly
    Trigger assembly with Springfield trigger job
    Original trigger assembly
    Fixed M4 stock hinge, blk
    16" 5.56 1/9 light profile type 2 block

    If you're interested in a barrel but need a block swapped out, let me know.
    XCR Rifles, barrels, parts Redux-img_20170325_115111965.jpg
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