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Thread: Alabama church gets OK to start own police force

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    Keep in mind though, police forces (generally public) started out as bully boys for the political parties (graft and corruption divisions) in early Chicago, NYC, etc. I'd argue they are reactive in nature and fail to really investigate all but the most serious crimes and are largely a net drain on the community rather than providing "order" as claimed. I'd argue they are *almost* unnecessary and are actually contrary to liberty in general based on our preoccupation with pre-crime "deterrence" law.
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    If anyone has time to read a book, I'd recommend this one:

    It was written by one of the lecturers at the seminar where I met my wife more than 20 years ago.
    - Tom Aiello

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    Since I attend a large church (actually over twice the size of the one in the article) we have a sizable security department who train and are armed. When you have this size of campus you become a target for a lot of troubled people.

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