Question about "Flash suppressed powder"
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Thread: Question about "Flash suppressed powder"

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    Question about "Flash suppressed powder"

    On M4carbine.ent, Dr. Gary Roberts mentioned that for LE use he prefers flash suppressed powder for 6.8mm SPC. What is "flash suppressed powder"? Is it a flash retardant or does it just mean its a quicker burning powder?

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    Re: Question about "Flash suppressed powder"

    Manufacturers sometimes include substances in their propellants that are intended to reduce the flash signature. However, not all manufacturers include it and I can't tell you who does and who doesn't. I wouldn't be surprised if most don't. Even if a company does include flash suppressant, it won't completely eliminate the signature.

    Basically if you want to know what your flash is going to look like with a certain type of ammo, you'll need to test it yourself.
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    Re: Question about "Flash suppressed powder"

    I use Hornaday TAP 60 Gr. .223 rounds for my work rifle and I've shot a few boxes in low light just to see if there was any difference at all. While I could tell a difference out of the 16" barrel from the TAP rounds and cheaper plinking rounds I train with, supposedly it's much more noticeable out of a short barrel like a 10-12" which makes sense.
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    Re: Question about "Flash suppressed powder"

    I beleive that it's an actual additive put in during the manufacturing process.

    You can also reduce flash by using a powder that is burned completely inside the barrel before the bullet leaves the muzzle. longer barrels or certain powders with certain calibers can give this effect. Programs like Quickload will help you find these powders.

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    Re: Question about "Flash suppressed powder"

    Does anyone know which of the major 6.8 manufacturers (Hornaday, Silver State, etc.) use said powder?
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