My 77 year old Dad likes my XCR-L in 6.8SPC
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Thread: My 77 year old Dad likes my XCR-L in 6.8SPC

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    My 77 year old Dad likes my XCR-L in 6.8SPC

    One year ago Nov 2010 my now 77 year old dad had a skiing accident that left him with a 3rd degree shoulder seperation in his right shoulder which has made it almost impossible for him to shoot any deer hunting rifle/cartridge combos that have any kind of reach that is until I got him out to shoot my 18.6" barreled XCR-L in 6.8SPC I have a Leupold VX111 4.5-14X40mm Varmint reticle scope mounted on it.

    He was hesitant to even shoot the rifle which was totally apparant with how far off target his first shot was but after that first shot he looked at me in amazement and stated "I didn't feel any recoil" and "this rifle is good for hunting out to 300 yards on deer"?

    I told him with the 110gr Sierra Prohunter loads @ 2650 + fps due to how tough the bullet is (their not designed to expand on soft tissue under 2300fps) he was good on deer out to 125 yards but with my 95gr TTSX @ 2825fps he was good out to 300 yards.

    He then settled down and fired a few more shots he was shooting at a rock angled away from us on a bank appr 150 yards away and was smacking each round into the kill zone of a deer.

    I was out yesterday morning in a 600 yard long logging cut it was extremely windy with gusts blowing every which way saw no deer but had a really good rest so just before I left I took a shot @ a large rock @ 300 yards with one of my 95gr TTSX loads.

    I did not hold for drop just to see how much drop I would have at that range I am zero'ed @ 200 yards bullet impacted appr 6 inches low but dead on the reason I mentioned this is it was the first time that I had thought about my dad's comments I had shot it a couple time since out trip out once was at a grouse @ 50 + yards loaded with the 110gr Prohunters I hit it in the neck but I hadn't really thought about how little recoil there is with the XCR-L in 6.8SPC until yesterday morning.

    Made me appreciate this rifle cartridge combo just that much more...

    I now have a new angle to combat anti's that want to ban semi-auto military style rifles like to see them disput this angle...


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    Re: My 77 year old Dad likes my XCR-L in 6.8SPC

    Camp Cook,

    I got my XCR in 6.8 this year and love it. I totally agree about the recoil - no problem to manage. I also have fun tinkering with the reloads.

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