xcr 6.8 questions

View Poll Results: Hey im just curious can the 6.8 take down a moose ethically?

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Thread: xcr 6.8 questions

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    xcr 6.8 questions

    Im curious as to this calibre and want to know if it is ethical to shoot moose. Is the 6.8 a bigger round than the .223 and is is close to 7mm or 30-06 or is it much smaller?? thanx

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    Re: xcr 6.8 questions

    The 6.8SPC loaded with appropriate bullets would be able to kill a moose but is it the ethical thing to try?

    I know that I won't be taking mine for moose hunting I'd have my 20" barreled 30-06 loaded with 180gr Scirroco's or 200gr Accubonds, 300RUM loaded with 200gr Accubonds or A-Frames or my 375RUM loaded with 260gr Accubonds or 300gr A-Frames or 350gr TSX.

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    Re: xcr 6.8 questions

    I'd only shoot a moose with a 6.8 if it were charging me and I had a high capacity magazine for follow up rounds. :rapidfire:


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    Re: xcr 6.8 questions

    Honestly, I think 6.8 is lil' lite for moose, ethically speaking...
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    Re: xcr 6.8 questions

    6.8 is a .270 bullet but a little on the lite side. Personally, I think it is too small.
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    Re: xcr 6.8 questions

    Don't know where you live, but after spending a long time living in Alaska I'd say no. Moose are large animals and as such can take a lot to kill.

    Yes some professional butchers use 22lr to shoot full grown cows in the brain before butchering. This is in the most perfect of situations, most of time with animal tied or blocked in, at close range, and with a crane and processing plant right there too. Not in the field, woods, or where ever you just happened to find your moose. I have also seen several moose killed with 40 S&W from handguns and 223 from an AR15, all shot in the brain. This was in dispatching injured animals, again at close range(like less then 10 yards), with the animal having very limited mobility, and under non-stressful situations. The one time I know someone tried putting a moose down while it charged with a 223 did not work out so well, simply put someone else with a shotgun slug ended the problem.

    I would accept the argument a that a single shot to the brain with a 6.8 spc is a ethical kill. Every time I've seen a moose shot in the brain it was over very fast. However the brain is a very small target compared to the rest of it. The brain also moves a lot more then the rest of the moose since it is in the head. If one had the self discipline, hunting skill, shooting skill, and a lucky hunt to get close enough that they knew without a doubt they were going to hit the brain and got that shot. Sure the 6.8 could do it. In the Alaskan wilderness, sides of roads, brush, swamps, moving moose, in deep snow, or everywhere else I've seen moose, the above described situation is not likely. Therefore possibly making you take a compromised shot if you want your moose. Yes you can see moose in photos in peoples back yards and there are some city slicker moose that can be dumb and in close. But be careful of your backdrops in these areas. Also most areas like this have local ordinances that prohibit discharge of firearms. When you have to take the best shot you can get in field conditions, theres no replacement for displacement(aka horsepower). Although I do not subscribe to the need to shoot a 375 shoulder howitzer, a rifle with adequate power is highly suggested. 30-06 has done a great job and will for a long time. Get within a couple hundred yards, aim for the large vitals area(which are order of magnitude bigger then the brain on a moose), and get a solid hit. Then have an army of buddies to begin the real work. Happy hunting.


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