Canadian member looking for ammo
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Thread: Canadian member looking for ammo

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    Canadian member looking for ammo

    This one is for all you Canadians. Where are you guys finding your ammo for these things. I have seriously called everybody and can't find anything under thirty bucks a box. I know Remington makes a UMC round in 115 grain that goes for about seventeen bucks a box but can't find nothin. Hit me up and lemme know where the best deals have been found in Alberta and who actually stocks it or at the very least can get it in sometime this year. Thankx

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    Re: Canadian member looking for ammo

    If you find any let the rest of us know. I think you'd be better off reloading up here in the great white north.

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    Re: Canadian member looking for ammo

    Try wolverine supplies in Virden , manitoba

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    Re: Canadian member looking for ammo

    Try SFRC:
    They often have a couple choices. If you live in Ontario, try Ellwood Epps in Orillia. They usually have some in stock.
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    Re: Canadian member looking for ammo

    I just bought several boxes of Remington at International Shooting Supplies in Surrey, BC. They got two cases in. $19/ box. Quality of the brass is a little questionable. Pitted and dinged, looks like reloads but new, large primer rounds. They are also expecting a load of Hornady too. Takes a while but is available. They tell me can take up to three months. Yikes.

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    Re: Canadian member looking for ammo

    I have all the 6.8SPC ammo I need but I reload never bought any 6.8 rounds.

    So my suggestion is get into reloading it in not hard and it is a fun hobby...

    Sorry guys had to rub it in.



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