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Thread: ID'ing Multiple Bolts

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    Re: ID'ing Multiple Bolts

    Big difference.................

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    Re: ID'ing Multiple Bolts

    Just got the following specs from RA:
    Measure from the apex of the rounded edge that contacts the case rim to the flat portion on top of the extractor. The 5.56 should be .286 and the 7.62 should be .263, both +/- .002.

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    Re: ID'ing Multiple Bolts

    Hmm, in those pictures they really look different, but all cats are grey in the dark. Begs for a really organized storage system and a braille like engraving might be a good differentiator.
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    Re: ID'ing Multiple Bolts

    Yeah, RA Tech acknowledged they should engrave or stamp them, but no mention of where that is on the list.

    At least it's clear when you accidentally put a 5.56 on a 7.62, since it won't chamber a round, and if my experience is indicative you can get away with running a 7.62 extractor on a 5.56.

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