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    stock buffer pad

    I have about 110 rounds through my rifle now nd noticed my stock buffer pad is chewing up. 80 rounds have been on gas setting 4 and 30 rounds on setting 3 using brown bear 125gn sp. I am guessing i need to lower my gas setting and repllace the buffer pad. I am trying and use gas setting 4 per the manuaal during breakin but i wont have any buffer left if i do that.
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    Re: stock buffer pad

    That's why I told you to pay attention to what the rifle is telling you in the other thread. The break in procedures are just to avoid headaches/heartaches of failures at the start.

    Your rifle just didn't need parts to wear together. Run it on the lowest gas setting that gets you proper ejection patterns (8+ feet at 2 o'clock). You'll probably also find that the recoil the rifle gives you is pretty soft.

    If a large chunk is missing, I'd replace the recoil buffer before shooting again. If it just has some marks, it's probably okay to shoot it until you replace it.

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    Re: stock buffer pad

    I had to replace mine after about 150 rounds or so. After that, I figured that it was broken in, and I turned the gas down. It now runs like a dream on gas setting 1 with no really noticeable wear and tear on the buffer since I replaced it. (I always have a spare one with me though, just in case.)
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    Re: stock buffer pad

    I believe some of the buffers were factory defective.I have over 12,000 rounds through one of my XCR's and the buffer is still going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dont_tread_on_me View Post
    I believe some of the buffers were factory defective.I have over 12,000 rounds through one of my XCR's and the buffer is still going.


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