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Thread: First Post in 4+ years, where is everyone?

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    Haven't looked in awhile but Adco should be able to do that for less than $150.

    What's the twist on your barrel? How much usage?

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    Welcome back! I feel the same way about the lack of participation in the forum however as a previous member stated, Other than the XCR-M coming out, a lack of advertising and promotion of the product is leading to dwindling sales and lack of interest. Doesn't really bother me too much however trying to pick up spares when possible for the day RobArms quits innovating and goes the way of the Buffalo

    Also, if you want to shorten the barrel, go to "ADCO" its something like $75.00 for them to cut and re-thread the barrel + shipping to them and back. Should run you under $150 when all is said and done.

    Keep posting and keep coming back! I have a couple of RobArms products ( XCR-L + VEPR K) and love 'em. Thankfully Kermit Z has kept the parts and customer service going.

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