Best 7.62x39 amm for accuracy
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Thread: Best 7.62x39 amm for accuracy

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    Best 7.62x39 amm for accuracy

    My buddy and I have been discussing th eaccuracy pontential of the x39 vs the 556. I think the x39 can be ever bit as accurate as the 556. The 556 just has more devoleped weapons and ammo. Well he challanged me to a shoot off. We are going to try to take as many variables out as we can with the equipment we have.

    His setup is a SCAR in 556 and I'll have my XCR in 7.62x39. We will have the same optics and use several shooters.

    I need from you the best ammo for accuraxy out of our XCR's in 7.62x39. I thought Hornedy would be a good choice, but it looks like they are using .308 rounds. My buddy is going to get the same brand and type of ammo I do.
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    Try Lapua 7.62x39, if you can find it.
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    That's exactly what I would have said.
    Maybe Powder Valley - that's where I get all my Lapua brass normally.
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    20 year old steel cased Norinco turns in sun inch groups all day.


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