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    surplus coorosive

    I just ordered a keymod XCR L in .556 and I really dig the fact that I can get a 7.62 upper for this rifle. Since I have leftover surplus ammo from my SKS days how do these things like surplus? I would clean after every shoot just like I did with my SKS but what if any issues are there?

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    I have had my XCR for years now and it will eat anything you feed it. I do usually have to turn the gas up to 3 when shooting surplus or lower quality ammo. When you break it in, shoot about 200 rounds of good quality stuff on setting 3. One it is broken in, you can turn it down to 2 when shooting higher grade ammo. The bottom line is she is not picky and loves a day at the range
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    +1 to MrChem, I have the 5.56 and the 7.62x39. I certainly had some break in issues but I'm at the point I make a game of out shooting people with their throw away ammo. I have a few write ups of the process..... somewhere.
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    good to know thanx guys!


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