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    x39 shooting

    Got the x39 kit working.
    x39 shooting-2014-08-23-10.31.55.jpg

    Tested the ACS mags w/some Bulgarian brass 122grn. I had finished a couple mags of 20rnds each and i adjusted the gas from 4 down to 2 then 1. Yes way too soon. Got several FTEs. It was warm that day so took a gatoraid break.

    Started back from the beginning at 4.
    Gas 4 20 end mag w/brass: By the 10th rnd it was pushing hard on shoulder and flinging the brass about 20'.
    Next mag 20 rnds setting 3: again by the 10th end it was pushing hard and flinging far.
    3rd mag 20 rnds setting 2: again pushing hard and flinging not quite as far.
    4th final mag, 20 RDS setting 1, didn't push as hard but there is an difference btwn the x39 and 5.56. The XCR was dropping the brass just down for a couple feet.
    x39 shooting-2014-08-23-10.12.34.jpg

    That was the 1st range day....
    There is a local in-door range just up the street from my house. So after work I wanted to site in my XCR. On both I use the Troy Micros.

    I sited in at 25yrds open site. Bulgarian brass 122grn. The sites had been zeroed for 5.56 62 gen.

    x39 shooting-img_20140907_143949.jpg

    Here is the problem. This is a bit embarrassing too. I've been trained on the M16 so much that I am accustomed on the front site post of which direction is up... On the Troys they don't tell you which direction you turn for up... I kept the directions for the Troys for that reminder. I lost them! So at 50 yards I'm hitting a little high.

    I also did some mag test. Loaded them w/30 rounds and did a SLOW squeeze for each round. I'd like to try the D&H. The ACS did good. On the 2nd range day no failures with either the brass or the Tula steel.

    x39 shooting-2014-08-23-10.00.06.jpg

    x39 shooting-2014-08-23-10.13.25.jpg
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    exciting to hear, would like to hear about your accuracy when you get it zeroed in

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    Thanks for posting. Looks like fun.
    I received my XCR in x39 last friday.
    I want to take my son and brother to shoot it.
    It is one solid rifle. No slop or rattling.
    Beautiful. I will post pic and videos once I take her out to the range.
    I will post photos of the AMD-65 and the SIG 556R next to it.
    I sold my XCR in 6.8SPC and I regretted it.
    She is all ballistoled up and ready to go.
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