Breaking in...failure to feed...comments&advice sought
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Thread: Breaking in...failure to feed...comments&advice sought

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    Breaking in...failure to feed...comments&advice sought

    Hello, I have a '13 circa XCR-l that I originally only had in 5.56. The gun has been modified (recoil buffer is now on the bcg) and is now set up for 7.62x39.

    Prior to modifications, calibre change it ran flawlessly. I would guess 3000+ rds with a single issue.

    I was able to shoot about 200 rds of Wolf ammo and the first 150 rounds I had consistent failures to feed from both 30 rd C Products and 10 rd ASC. The ASC were far worse. At 150 I changed the gas setting from 4 to 3 and the last two magazines which each had 25 rds ran without an issue. Then I ran out of time.

    Am I experiencing normal break in pains and/or could that gas adjustment have made a difference?

    I hope to be back at the range in two weeks and am curious if anyone could help me best prepare.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Without a single issue....typo.

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    Which gen mags? Do they have a relief cut in front of the mag?

    May just be some break in. How far were the cases going?

    I've got some x39 mags that are fine. Others, not so much

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    I am in the US...the mags are bought new in '15...I will keep testing and see if it just works itself out.


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