So, 16" HBar with Type 3 gas block and VG6 Gamma .300 BLK brake....

2 lbs. 7.20 ounces.

So...not even a 6 ounce difference if I profile it. If it was a half pound, it might be worth it.

Just some more numbers:

16" 7.62x39 HBar with Type 1 gas block and A2 FH....2lbs 7.25 ounces.

A2 FH by itself (.30 cal. 5/8-24 thread): 1.90 ounces
VG6 Gamma .30 cal for .300 BLK : 1.80 oz.
Manticore Arms Night Brake .30 cal 5/8-24 thread: 1.60 oz.

These surprised me....thought the A2 would be lightest...not heaviest.

Type 3 gas block with dial and set screw: 3.35 oz.

Type 1 gas block with dial and set screw: 3.30 oz.

That one surprised me too....thought the Type 1 would be heavier than the 3.

HBar profile.....on x39: .841" from taper at chamber to gas block boss (no taper). Gas block to muzzle: .740" (no taper).