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Thread: 7.62 conversion, new piston head?

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    Re: 7.62 conversion, new piston head?

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    I just got off the phone with Ty,and according to him you get a gas block when you order a conversion kit.
    The issue is if you had one of the old style gas blocks and ordered a conversion kit the kit comes with the new gas block. The piston heads are different because the two types of gas blocks are different. If you have a newer style rifle with the new gas block, you already have the new piston head and will not have an issue.

    If you have the older style gas block and the newer conversion kit, you will just need to unscrew the piston head from the operating rod and replace by screwing on the new piston head. Not a problem, just takes a little extra time and the need to keep track of the odd piston head that's not currently on the weapon.

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    Re: 7.62 conversion, new piston head?

    Ok, thanks.

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