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    Nammo 7.62x39mm

    Nammo has made a 7.62x39mm tungsten carbide core AP round and it has the same penetration as the M995. The accuracy of the round is labelled as Sh and Ss max 25mm, 30 rounds. What does that mean? Although the 7.62x39 AP round is cannot be sold to civilians, it would be a good choice for police officers (in some very rare cases like facing criminals wearing advanced body armour) and militaries, who may be using 7.62x39mm weapon systems (eg. AKs, XCRs, vz 58, Cz 805 Bren A1) if they require a modern armour piercing capability. The Nammo AP round is far superior to the 7.62x39mm API round.

    Anyone have any guesses on how accurate this round would shoot out of an XCR?

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    Re: Nammo 7.62x39mm

    Here's the link to the data on the Nammo 7.62 AP.


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