Thinking about a XCR 7.62x39mm
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Thread: Thinking about a XCR 7.62x39mm

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    Thinking about a XCR 7.62x39mm

    I've been thinking about getting a XCR in 7.62x39mm. I like the idea of swapping it to 5.56 as well. It looks to me like its cheaper to first buy it in 5.56 then buy the 7.62 kit as the 7.62 rifle is more expensive. Is there any difference between the two otherwise?

    Also what do you guys recommend for a stock, I've read that the Robinson ones are a little low so I was thinking a CTR with the riser.

    I was thinking about getting them in 16" heavy barrels, are they very accurate? I'm hoping they'd be kinda recce style, what do you guys think? I plan on putting a Trijicon 1-4x scope on it for hunting.

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    Re: Thinking about a XCR 7.62x39mm

    Yeah, I had noticed the same thing. $200 more for the whole rifle in 7.62, but 5.56 conversion is only $50 cheaper than others. So doing 7.62 with 5.56 conversion is $150 more than a 5.56 with 7.62 conversion. It ended up not mattering to me, since I wanted a 5.56 with the future option to go 7.62. But if you're looking for the 7.62, that changes things.

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    Re: Thinking about a XCR 7.62x39mm

    since the platform is the same, no matter what calibre you start with, it will feel the same in your hands.

    Yes the x39 rifle is more expensive than the 556, but so is the x39 conversion kit more expensive than the 556 conversion kit.

    But, 556 and x39 perform very differently at the range and the real world. You will notice a difference. Your scope or irons zero'd for one will not work for the other beyond about 50 m. You will probably have to make minor adjustments to re-zero each time you change/remove the barrel even for the same barrel.

    My rifle is in x39 and I love it. I have had no problems with my rifle that I didn't cause(user error).

    As for the stock, I like the RobArms tubular stock. Are there better ones out there? Probably. For my set-up, it works well.

    No matter which calibre you start with, I think you will love the rifle.

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    Re: Thinking about a XCR 7.62x39mm

    I'll just comment on the stock.I have a CTR and I like it a lot.I think it all depends on the optics and sight setup your going to use.A lot of folks here like the Troy micros and that's fine.They work much better than standard AR height sights if you don't have any cheek riser.If you want to go that route with some type of red dot you may be fine without a cheek riser.But I have a cheekriser on mine with standard AR height sights and an optic mount that allows them to clear when folded so the extra comb height is necessary.It all depends on what you like and how it fits your application.

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