XCR 762x39 pricing
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Thread: XCR 762x39 pricing

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    XCR 762x39 pricing

    I'm looking to free up some cash and so my 762x39 XCR is on the chopping block. I'm trying to figure out a good price to set for it. its unfired with 3 brand new mags new gas and trigger system and it has troy rail covers. I'm thinking 1600 but I'm not sure if thats a good price or not. I've seen prices all over the place so I'm turning to you guys for help.

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    Re: XCR 762x39 pricing

    $1400 would probably sell eventually. Any lower would go quicker. Probably not what you wanted to hear but that's my:2cents:.
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    Re: XCR 762x39 pricing

    Although $1600 is a completely reasonable price, I too am skeptical that you would get it. Even if you haven't fired it, it's not "new" technically speaking (by my understanding) and therefore has already depreciated.

    I guess it depends on how bad you need money, how quickly you need it, and whether you are lucky enough to find someone that considers the rifle "new" instead of "like new".
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    Re: XCR 762x39 pricing

    $1300 and below seems to be the price at which they are moving.

    we had one 556 old unit with a eotech and HK sights move for $1300 IIRC and recently another 556 newer unit move for $999. both of those sold in short order.

    check out gunbroker for equivalents, and what the bids are at, but I dont think the market will bear $1600.

    gun market is tight right now, I had a $2100 FS2000 that I figured I coulda gotten $1700-1800 easy out of, but it took me a month and a half to move it for $1500.

    If I needed to move it quick I'd put $1199 on it, if I had more time I'd put $1399 and see what came of it and what kinda traffic it had. A local FTF transaction might bring a premium where a FFL transaction might not, so a local ad might be prefferable.

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    Re: XCR 762x39 pricing

    Good luck man. Lots of folks selling things I wouldn't have expected them to get rid of.

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    Re: XCR 762x39 pricing

    I just paid close to $2200 (incl. tax) for mine with the FDE ceracote finish, moe stock upgrade and BUIS. I generally prefer to buy used but the XCR is such an elusive animal to find... I had to go new.
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    Re: XCR 762x39 pricing

    I might be a player...PM me if interested.
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    Re: XCR 762x39 pricing

    Thanks for the feedback guys.


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