Has anybody else had the urge to convert a 75 rd Russian or Chinese drum magazine for your XCR 7.62 ???
1st ; Is it legal in your area ?
2ND; will it work ?
3rd; how difficult is the process

I was just thinking about using a 75Rd Russian drum I just ordered from Midway . They work great in AK's . The biggest problem is using either the top portion of a C Products magazine ( which is SS and rather thin compared to the robust Russian drum) or finding some sheet metal and just fabricating the top portion to fit in the drum ? The main problem I see is the length of the part that goes up into the magazine well . And the rather weak hold on the magazine from the AR or xcr magazine hold button .

I know there are a few fabricator types out there .

And yea I know I have to much time on my hands .