SOLD - Savage Model 24 Over-Under .22 WMR / .410 Shotgun
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Thread: SOLD - Savage Model 24 Over-Under .22 WMR / .410 Shotgun

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    SOLD - Savage Model 24 Over-Under .22 WMR / .410 Shotgun

    Hi All -

    My father has a pair of Savage Model 24s. He has decided to keep one and sell the other. He would really prefer not to have to deal with shipping it. If you are interested and are in the Northern Utah area or have family close by, please let us know.

    I know it's not the type of firearm that is usually listed on this forum, but we're just throwing it out there.

    Local classified listing here.
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    Re: Savage Model 24 Over-Under .22 WMR / .410 Shotgun

    Nice gun. I've always liked the Model 24, and plan to acquire one in the future, in that combination. (Perfect for rabbits.) However, I'm not close enough to take advantage of this opportunity. Good luck --- I imagine this will sell quickly!
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