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    I'm Still waiting. Still no Joy with my distributors that don't take backorders. I've got them backordered with Zanders but they will not tell me where I am on the backorder. A forum member mentioned that they're in stock at CDNN. I called them to see if they offered anything dealer to dealer. Not so much.

    I apologize again for this. If I had any idea it would turn out like this I wouldn't have done the preorder. If you want your deposit back, I can send a check out when ever you want. My price stands.
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    Thanks Nate.

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    I'm happy to stay on your waiting list until you get some. I'm patient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TomAiello View Post
    I'm happy to stay on your waiting list until you get some. I'm patient.
    Me too.

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    I was able to handle a Tavor this last weekend. A pretty nice rifle overall, but still a crappy trigger. My son's cap gun was smoother. Very handy, well put together, a little butt heavy, but that is to be expected.

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    I bought one recently at a local shop.

    The trigger is heavy, but it does seem to break consistently. There's not really any grittiness or hesitation to it. You can get used to it to a point, but it would be nice to have it lighter. Apparently there's a return spring in the trigger pack that you can remove that will take a couple lbs off the trigger, but it's there for reliability. It would be nice if there was a better way to lighten it up a bit.

    I had an Eotech I wanted to try on there. First time I pulled back on the charging handle the bottom edge of the sight sliced a piece off my finger. I think you'll likely want something slimmer side-to-side.

    Overall I like it so far. It definitely seems to be better thought out in some ways than other bull pups I've used.

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