Parting out my 2 XCRs - New Parts Added!
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Thread: Parting out my 2 XCRs - New Parts Added!

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    Parting out my 2 XCRs - UPDATED!

    ***First to Post "I'll Take ....." gets the part**** Thanks for all the interest and messages. I think the post time stamp is the fairest way to do this.

    Payment accepted is discrete PP +4%. "Snap-On Tools" is what you can put in the description.


    I have decided to thin out my collection, and while I still love the XCR, I have decided I want to stick with the AR platform. I have been thinking about this for some time. One thing I really have wanted was more parts for the two that I have, and that's when I decided that I can take the two rifles I have and make them into parts for the community. I am going to break down the two that I have, one I refinished in Norrell's FDE, the other is plain black, and split them into upper and lower receivers, then pull the FCG's, stock adapters, hinge pins, you name it apart. I have lots of stocks, and I also have an "Ezed" adapter that I just bought here for the ACR stock. I hope my prices will be considered fair. Sure, I am trying to get some money in return for the parts, but I am not trying to pull a CTD on you guys. You have always been nice to me (except for whoever decided to randomly give me negative karma). Look at RA's website for the price of individual components. I am going to use that as a guide.

    All major components are sold. Thanks to all, and I hope the parts will help you to keep your XCRs running! Below is what I have left:

    -I just found one more original XCR trigger group. I will get pictures later. It is not the new, nicer trigger. This one includes only the trigger, disconnector and hammer, no springs of any kind. $50 shipped.

    -Folding M4 adapter with modification to allow for a Magpul UBR. The trigger pin you see in there was put there to prevent the UBR from spinning. I also have a modified entry buffer tube (not pictured, but included) that is shortened the proper amount for this adapter to work. If you pull the pin out, you can run a standard M4 stock so long as you have the folding adapter already (no receiver adapter is included). $75 shipped.

    These last parts are for the hard-core "vintage" XCR collectors. They're for the guy who is trying to do an XCR "SP1" clone, or maybe the guy who launched his gas dial down range and can't get another one. They are the old "wrench required" gas blocks and the pistons that must be run with them. $50 each.



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    Re: Parting out my 2 XCRs

    Can we just take a shot at the complete rifles?
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    Re: Parting out my 2 XCRs

    Quote Originally Posted by bolster View Post
    ........ (except for whoever decided to randomly give me negative karma).
    That would have been yarbsea, and Dynamo..........

    Good luck with he sale. I will be watching when you post the stuff up.
    hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and make hay while the sun shines!

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    Re: Parting out my 2 XCRs

    Waiting as well....................
    More interested in the bolt, carrier, gas tube and complete piston assembly.

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    Re: Parting out my 2 XCRs

    Sent in a PM on price questions. Not a "Dibs". Just in case you don't list the prices on the parts I'm looking into. Good luck, Ill be watching..

    Ryan B.

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    Re: Parting out my 2 XCRs

    Lol, waiting with baited breath also...
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    Re: Parting out my 2 XCRs

    OMG can't wait!!

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    Re: Parting out my 2 XCRs

    Pleeease.......the anticipation in killing me.

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    Re: Parting out my 2 XCRs

    Interested in the LW barrel, trigger groups, and the black upper.

    ETA- also the sights if they are Troy Micros

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    Re: Parting out my 2 XCRs

    I would like to put an offer on any conversion kits ( 5.56, 6.8 ) with the accompanying bolts, firing pin, and deflector. I would also love to put an offer on any spare parts such as firing pins, buffers and so on. I'm not too clear on your "dibs" or offer policy... an explanation would be much appreciated.

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