WTT/WTS: 2007 Robinson XCR "Sold to Ok Prdator"
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Thread: WTT/WTS: 2007 Robinson XCR "Sold to Ok Prdator"

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    WTT/WTS: 2007 Robinson XCR "Sold to Ok Prdator"

    "Sold to Ok Prdator"

    I have a 2007 Robinson XCR, 5.56mm chamber, 16" light-weight profile chrome lined barrel, new style adjustable gas valve, factory folding stock, upgraded Troy Industries folding sights. The XCR has 400 rounds fired, used quality ammo, Black Hills, Federal and Winchester factory loaded ammo. Rifle has been 100% reliable, zero malfunctions.
    Included with rifle is the following: hard case from Robinson with their label on end, owner's manual, cable lock, two 30 rnd USGI magazines and a few rail covers.

    I am consolidating ammo, going with .308 Winchester. Hunting and sporting, and SHTF rifles.

    I am looking for a Springfield Armory in trade. Most interested in M1A's with walnut stocks and stainless steel barrels. Will consider all SA variants, Scouts, SOCOMs and standards.

    I have been asked about a outright sale price.
    Will sell with folding adapter for AR15 style stock use,
    $1400 shipped to your ffl.
    Please use messages or e-mail for questions.

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    Re: WTT/WTS: 2007 Robinson XCR, light barrel profile

    My XCR didn't come with a gun lock! >

    Facetious of coarse ;D I do have quite a few unopened if anybody needs some.
    When the difference between life and death is a matter of seconds, the police are only minutes away!
    (not knocking police, just gun grabbers)


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