WTS - "As New" TAVOR $1850 in box
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Thread: WTS - "As New" TAVOR $1850 in box

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    WTS - "As New" TAVOR $1850 in box

    SOLD - IWI TAVOR .556/.223 - Black SOLD

    I have a new Tavor I have owned for maybe two months. I have 100 rds through it TOTAL. I find my AUG A3 more to my liking ergonomically than the Tavor, so the Tavor needs a new best friend. The bottom line? I am selling the Tavor for a 2013 PWS MK114 Mod1 (PWS just updated their MK line to the Mod 1, and this is a beautiful piston driven AR platform based off an AK47 system, w/ the new AR keymod rail and free float barrel). Sweeeeet!

    I originally found and bought an XCR-L on this forum w/ Kermit earlier this year, I then sold this same rifle to Sig, also on the forum. If you have any questions about my legitimacy, please talk with either of these two gentleman. My name is Greg and I am in Bend, Oregon.

    In the meantime, I have a nice shiny "As New" Tavor in the original box w/ all paperwork, cleaning kit, manual ect., which has not even been broke in yet. Nope, 100 rounds won't do it, I think it needs another 100. This rifle is flawless and functions perfectly. If I didn't tell you it had been shot (after cleaning of course), you would never know it. The original IWI box, Rifle, and everything that comes with it is "As New". If you want to feel like you received a brand new rifle, then I can A) Put a Bow on it when shipped or B) Charge you more than the $1850 I am selling it for.

    First $1850 + shipping gets 'er done, and I'll throw in a brand new, still in un-opened wrapper, 30 rd Gen3 Pmag.

    I am too tired to take a photo tonight at 11:00 p.m., but i'll post one here in the next few days. First "i'll take it" owns this new bad boy courtesy of our Israeli friends.
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    Gee, I would have thought I would have a bite by now? I think the price is fair, what gives. Oh yea... bump. (I also just realized by visiting this page again that I never did post photo's. I have this on my to do list).

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    Have u sold here before?

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    I have bought from WatchingTime before on this forum.

    Great guy to deal with, communication was excellent as well as follow up, and my FFL didn't have to call me informing me that there was no drivers license with the firearm.

    Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
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    If I had a spare $1850 laying around I would pick it up, but like many I am sure...an extra $1850 is a little hard to come by these days. After seeing many videos and hearing a lot of feedback about them, it is def on my list of firearms to buy. Good luck on your sale.
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    If I may suggest, post this over on the bullpup forum in the IWI Tavor page. It should sell quickly there. Good luck.

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    16 or 18" barrel and can you post the picture
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    SOLD - Sorry for a delayed response, I have been off the forum this week. Thank you for the kind words Sig, and thank you to the others for your feedback. The Tavor has been sold on GunBroker, took one day. I would encourage my fellow forum members to hold both a AUG A3 and a Tavor side by side if possible, if you are considering a purchase. Three of my buddies feel the AUG A3 is more ergonomic. Weight is near identical. The ambi features of the Tavor are better than the AUG A3, but for me personally, it stopped there. DEFINATLEY invest in a Gearhead charging handle if you buy an AUG, the factory CH is downright terrible and a knuckle buster. I also recommend the NEU Trigger on the A3, and/or the Lightning trigger for the Aug... I added both.

    Tavor has been sold, thank you.


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