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    Wts 2012 xcr-m .308

    I bought this from Kermit last year... everyone seems to know him on here. My husband thought it would be a good wolf hunting rifle for me. But, as it turns out, I always grab my bolt action because the loaded XCR-M with the bells and whistles is a bit heavy for me to carry around the mountains. I just don't use it and it's too nice of a gun to sit around. I've shot about 200 rounds through it at the range. Initially, when cerakoting at the factory, the overspray got into the bore causing the brass to stick. I sent the barrel back to Kermit and he had RA repolish it for me. The service was great and he had it back to me in no time. That is the only problem I have ever had with it. Since I got the barrel back, the XCR works like a machine and operates wonderfully! Wts 2012 xcr-m .308-2.jpegWts 2012 xcr-m .308-3.jpegWts 2012 xcr-m .308-4.jpegWts 2012 xcr-m .308-image.jpegI am asking $2800 - what I paid for it. I am firm on the price for now and, no, the Vortex scope does not come with it! It is in excellent condition. The only scuffs are where I have attached the scope mounts to the top rail. I will pay my end of FFL and Shipping (within reason), you pay yours. It will come totally stock in the original box with 1 - 20 round mag. Thanks

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    Are you in Canada? Just wondering on the price.....Best of luck on the sale!
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    oops, you're right Sean. My husband just reminded me that there were other things in that purchase and that the XCR was just under $2600. I'll price it at $2550. Sorry everybody but I'm new to this! Thanks.

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    sold it.


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