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Thanks to NavalBeaver, i Recieved my FAST stock today, i will say after everything i read and the good and bad stories i have heard.. my First Impretions are good! no complaints! i am very happy i bought it! I have NOT shot it yet, i will give another review when i do though!!

BUT, i must have got lucky bc, the spring (on the Folding piece) is stiff as shit!! which is no complaint at all, since i dont shoot with it folded and if i need to fold it, i dont mind using the extra little muscle to Fold it!!
now i guess i will have to see if it stays that way when i shoot it aggressively

But thanks to everyone for the input, advice and Help!!! and i will update ASAP


When I bought mine it was so stiff I couldn't even get it to fold. Took the spring out and clipped and stretched it until I got it to where I like it. Works like a charm
Mine is Stiff as shit too!, i mean i have to use some Force, But i wont go as far to clip it LOL, i dont fold it, and if i need to , i Rather have to use a little Muscle... as to where i had the AR buttstock adapter and when it was in the lock open position there was a little "play" from side to side, so this is an Upgrade and am VERY pleased i Pulled the trigger on this...