In Search of BCM KMR-9
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Thread: In Search of BCM KMR-9

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    In Search of BCM KMR-9

    Iso- bcm kmr-9
    i have a new kmr-10, i'm looking to trade rail for rail straight across
    I don't care if it has superficial marks, I'm going to put cerakote on it.
    My kmr 10 is brand new, no scratches

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    I just stumbled across an announcement from BCM saying they are going to start making an all aluminum version of the KMR called Alpha KMR. I guess you are not the only one who can't find them. The all aluminum version will add about 2 ounces on a 15" rail compared to the aluminum/magnesium alloy but it's still only 10. something ounces which is still incredibly light.


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