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Thread: XCR Rifles, barrels, parts Redux

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTEngineer View Post
    Nobody is walking out. I bought my rifle from Nate, and plan to buy another, as well as parts.

    I've also bought stuff from Kermit. Both have been very helpful.

    I prefer Nate since he's closer and the packages arrive faster.

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    Your a fricken idiot! What moron would post something like that? You raise questions of his integrity. Insinuating he doesn't pay his bills in a timely manner???? All in his Trading Post sales ad! Dude you are a real dipshit!

    Folks, I am sorry, but this is just wrong.

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    My $0.02

    My XCR is an early rifle, sub 200 serial number. I have had lots of issues with RA breaking pro,uses and commitments, including Alex himself breaking verbal and emailed commitments. Support was much improved for a while when a certain young lady was handling it but generally my opinion is that RobArms shouldn't be trusted. Buy from a dealer and if they have it in stock, otherwise call Nate, Kermit or whoever you find and wait until they have he item in stock. My XcR has thre caliber kits and numerous spares built up,over the years but only one rifle. In that time my plans for getting them for ,y wife and kids switched to other platforms that had better support, customer relations and frankly better quality and timely delivery.

    Alex provides lots of excuses and while he is a pretty smart designer, taking ideas of other rifles and amalgamating them into a single product, he sucks at running a business. Is the XCR good, yes, but frankly I can do everything it does with other rifles now.

    i like my rifle and will keep it, but I won't buy any more. unfortunately the best thing about he XCR is not the rifle, it is this community.
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    XCR Rifles, barrels, parts Redux

    Quote Originally Posted by G2 View Post
    Your a fricken idiot! What moron would post something like that? You raise questions of his integrity. Insinuating he doesn't pay his bills in a timely manner???? All in his Trading Post sales ad! Dude you are a real dipshit!

    Folks, I am sorry, but this is just wrong.

    Clearly you couldn't understand the tone of the text like others did.

    I didn't take what the person said seriously, as I don't think most others here did either.

    It sounds like you're just trying to be a SJW here.

    I also don't see how any of this questions anyone's integrity other than the individual at RA.

    The main point here is that RA clearly has issues.

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    I didn't take TTE's comment as an affront. Just an observation about his dealings with RA. Let it go. The back and forth isn't going to help us get parts any quicker. There are several, narrow, avenues to get things from RA. I'm going to keep doing what I can to get parts and help out however else I can.

    Mickey C makes the great point that we've got a nice little spot here with a small group of like minded individuals. Let's keep it going.
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    Just to give my experience with going through robarms direct. Part way through my second tour in Iraq (Jan 2010-2011) I ordered an XCR with folding stock and heavy barrel. I get home for 2 weeks of R&R and it still hasn’t shown up at my dealer yet(well over 8 weeks after ordering) so I call them up and tell them that if they can’t get it to me before I go back to IRAQ they can keep it and refund my money because I’m not going to have it sit in the safe for 6 months without firing it. So they did 1 day shipping and I had it by 11am the next day. But they forgot the buttstock and extra firing pin I ordered. How am I going to test the rifle without a buttstock.

    So I called them back and they 1 day shipped that as well (still no extra firing pin). Well the mag was difficult to seat, had to really smack it to get it to not fall out. (some mags worked better than others but my AR will take any mags so this was and is disappointing) . I ended up not shooting it before leaving again. So it did end up sitting for 6 months which always left a bad taste in my mouth.

    On the other side I've ordered parts and conversion kits from Nate and never had any issues.
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