CZ Bren 805 S1 Pistol
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Thread: CZ Bren 805 S1 Pistol

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    CZ Bren 805 S1 Pistol

    Decided to keep my Bren....

    I have an almost new in the box, FDE Bren 805 S1 pistol with Folding SBA3 Brace, KNS Bent Charging Handle, KNS Pic. rail sections and a nice assortment of factory spare parts.
    Looking to trade for gen2 XCR pistol 11” or possibly another gen2 KeyMod Carbine.

    I have over 1900 into this so be reasonable with trade offers.

    CZ Bren 805 S1 Pistol-8e57f639-ef06-4ad8-ac03-d6a7a4a47154.jpeg

    CZ Bren 805 S1 Pistol-76696db7-ae6f-4513-b82a-fffc317d3cae.jpeg

    Obviously the Bren will include only the Brace and KNS upgrades, Original Box and all the factory stuff that shipped with it from CZ
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