WTS - WTS - FDE XCR 5.56 Pistol ..with or without brace
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Thread: WTS - WTS - FDE XCR 5.56 Pistol ..with or without brace

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    WTS - WTS - FDE XCR 5.56 Pistol ..with or without brace

    WTS- Used but not abused XCR 5.56 Pistol. $1300 shipped to your FFL. 10.5" Barrel. Approximately 4-500 rounds down the pipe. For an additional $200, I'll throw in a MPX/PSB brace with adapter for the XCR.

    G2 seemed to think it was priced a little high. I knocked it down to $1300 without the brace and XCR adapter...$1500 with brace and adapter. A little about the gun.... I bought two XCRs from a buddy of mine. This one and a 300 blackout. Im keeping the blackout for my collection but didn't "need" a second 5.56. Im not sure who made this brace/stock adapter. It is not from the latest group buy purchase from Navalbeaver.

    To answer Navalbeaver's question below.... Yes, bolt and carrier are Type 1.


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    Without a better pic it looks like that adapter is the one JWalker made. https://www.xcrforum.com/forum/12-tr...ers-mcx-5.html

    Very similar to the LIF adapter but a little longer and only 3 slots(instead of the LIF 4).

    Is your pistol a Type 1 carrier? Pics look like it didn't want to assume.

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    Looking at the ejection port in Photoshop, enlarged and exposure up, I don't see fluting on the carrier.
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