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Thread: Oh, Ms. Terra...

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    Re: Oh, Ms. Terra...

    Quote Originally Posted by TerraShrewsbury View Post
    OP, I found the thread quite entertaining.
    Glad someone else has a sense of humor around here ;D
    "When your life depends on it, you will not rise to the level of your expectations, but rather fall to the level of your training."

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    Re: Oh, Ms. Terra...

    Well Gentlemen, I assure you that my goal IS NOT to be a Moderator! There are quite enough of them already. I am simply trying to help everyone that I come into contact with what will help them around this site and what will get you/them the best service that RA can provide. Lot's of us are very appreciative of Terra AND some of us are very protective of her as well! IF Terra was able, bless her heart, she would answer every post, every question, build every XCR and repair and trick out each and every XCR that leaves RA. She would know ALL of us by our first names, BUT ALAS! Terra has gotten overloaded and those of us that have been around since before there was even an XCR and no Terra, know just how very much Terra means to ALL of us. So, I regret that you see my helpfulness as being a smart alex, but you see, you don't know me and that is very plain! You newer Guys will find that there are people on Our Forum who are VERY INTELLIGENT, VERY EXPERIENCED AND VERY HELPFUL, ALL FOR FREE! Whatever time that I and they DONATE to Our Forum is from the heart and NOT BECAUSE WE NEED THE RECOGNITION! So you consider "slacking up" and try to see that almost ALL of us on Our Forum are trying to be helpful and NOTHING ELSE!
    Kind regards, Sinker

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