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Thread: WTS NIB Robinson arms XCR-L

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    Re: WTS NIB Robinson arms XCR-L

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack A Sol View Post
    Bad form bro. >

    first post is in sales forum? would be nice if you took some time to contribute to the forum before trying to pawn your wares on us.

    just sayin.
    Jack-O: In your nose (like a 18 inch shell). It says "Trading Post" Guy wants to sell, that's what this particular forum is for (guess illiteracy is worse than I thought in the country). If you want to rant and rave, there is a site for that. Just sayin of course.

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    Re: WTS NIB Robinson arms XCR-L

    Jack-o am i missing something don't recall seeing a barrel nut on the xcr. (Don't have a manual either)
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    Re: WTS NIB Robinson arms XCR-L

    It not a nut,it's a bolt.It's on the underside on the rifle right in front of the magwell.Another tip is that you can make witness marks on the various bolts,or screws,that way you will know if they are backing out and to tighten them.

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    Re: WTS NIB Robinson arms XCR-L

    Quote Originally Posted by Underground View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by marinewmu911 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by RWSgunsmithing View Post
    First of all I would like to thank those members who said some positive words about me.

    Second is the rifle has been sold.
    At that price they should sell like hotcakes! ;D
    I've never actually seen hotcakes sold in such demand to be worthy of its own saying ???
    Go to Gatlinburg and stand outside the Pancake Pantry on a Saturday morning. I mean WTF?!? It's freakin' pancakes!
    Who knows, they're delicious but I end up not wanting them ever again afterward.. until I think about pancakes again... its a curse I tell you!
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