Since Beavermatic provided the XD-45 tactical I was looking for when I bought this, I'm looking to trade for something new.

XD-45 Service model (4")
2 - 13 round magazines
XD Gear including holster, mag holster, and mag loader
Case with manual, brush, and lock.
I believe I have the unfilled warranty card also, but not 100% sure.

Round count is somewhere south of 500. I never have kept close track of the number of rounds down the pipe with this gun, but I know it doesn't get regular use. More of a drawer dweller.

Will work on some additional pics Sat.

I am really looking for a HK P7. I don't need anything beautiful, looking for a shooter. Cosmetic wear is just fine.
I am guessing it won't be quite an even trade, but am willing to add some cash to the deal.

If you'd rather buy it outright I'd ask for $450 + actual S&H to your FFL. --SOLD--