Please be aware that the following person has attempted several scam transactions on this forum:

Soleman Kaldes
[address removed]

He has used Targetmaster as his shipping FFL in the past, although that could easily change.

He has also used various aliases, including "Michael David" and various login names, including "Lionheart" and "Newman."

A thread regarding his most recent scam attempts is in the General Discussion forum here.

In general, this scammer can be identified by the following behaviors:

Advertises high dollar items for very discounted prices.
Edits and locks for sale threads shortly after being questioned or selling the item.
Quickly becomes combative or abusive in posts when questioned about the items.
Poor grammar and spelling in posts.
Heavy Eastern European or Middle Eastern accent in telephone conversations.
Posting of pictures of items that have no distinguishing background or features.

Please be wary of transactions from Philadelphia, especially transactions using the FFL Targetmaster (