Zeiss's Competition to ACOG
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Thread: Zeiss's Competition to ACOG

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    Zeiss's Competition to ACOG

    There seems to be several new entries for competition against the ACOG in the past couple years. BROWE BCO, Battery powered ACOG, ELCAN SPECTRE OS 3x, ELCAN 4x, and soon, if not vapor ware, Zeiss ZO 4x30i. Below should be the link to firearmblog article on this. Hudisco had a youtube video announcing this couple years ago but since haven't had anything on this. Hopefully this will come.

    Initial reaction off of article, only 2 ounces heavier then battery powered Acog but still pretty heavy at 20 ounces. Especially compared some 1-4 and 1-6 with mounts are less then this. Field of view appears to be better then acogs, eye relief a little longer, and may come in a little cheaper or same as acog.


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    Re: Zeiss's Competition to ACOG

    Nice! The 6x sounds especially interesting.

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    The optics on these things are phenomenal. I have a hensoldt that has glass that is more clear that pure water.

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    They certainly exist:

    TARGETING OPTICS : Tactical Imports Corp.

    The link is to a Canadian website that sells Hensoldt optics. The article states that Germany did not want to sell to the US, but these have been in Canada for at least a year I believe- it could have been the same thing, or we just kissed ass better.
    Note the prices are in Canadian dollars, so they will likely be cheaper in the US.


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