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Thread: Optics. What to Buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kree View Post
    I bought an ACOG TA-31. I liked the fiber optics, and the glass is amazing, however, if your eyes are aging like mine, the reticle can be a little challenging for quick aquisition.
    I've been looking at the differences between ACOG's and Eotech's and the fibre optic is an advantage because it doesn't need batteries, but is it harder to quickly acquire than an Eotech?

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    I agree, very subjective question. I've ran both the Aimpoint Comp M4 and the PRO on my XCR-L. I've kept the PRO. Great optic out of the box, comes with lens caps (rear clear for expedient use,) mounting base and a 3 year battery life. It's always ready if you need it. The rubber cover for the M2 and M3 fit it too. Can be found for under $400 quite often online.

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    they are two different animals. The ACOG has a BDC (bullet drop compensator) thats calibrated out to 800 yards. Also, once you understand how the size of the chevron helps determine range (ie. bottom of chevron represents approx. 19 inches accross at 300 meters) ( the width of an average mans shoulders) an experienced user could certainly become very quick at aquisition. My observation was simply based on my poor eyesight in general, and the fact that the retical is more subtle than a 4 MOA red dot.
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    Optics are very personal.

    I don't do too much long range shooting, so I didn't feel the need for a scope. I tried my buddy's Aimpoint, but my cross dominant eye made the dot more of a slightly skewed dash than a dot. A friend of his was nice enough to release the QD on his EOTech and put it on my XCR. My eye picked up the circle and dot much better than the Aimpoint. So I bought EOTech. I do want a G33 magnifier at some point, but I'm able to get hits at 200 yards in 3-gun without magnification, so it's kinda low on my priority list. It sure would make it easier, but I'm doing okay without it. Close in, I can use the bottom of the ring for my hold-over.

    I'm also worried about eye relief. I have a rough time getting a proper field of view with scopes.

    I've never had the opportunity to use a Jesus scope (ACOG), so I can't comment there. If anyone wants to send me one to remedy this terrible situation, PM me!

    Anyway, try out as many as you can. Optics can be an expensive investment, so you want to get what works best for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BuddyChryst View Post
    I'm also worried about eye relief. I have a rough time getting a proper field of view with scopes.
    Spend the money on a Vortex Razor 1-6, it's worth the money and you won't believe the eye relief. I picked up a SWFA 1-4 prior and sent it back because I was disapointed in too many things with it for the money spent, and figured if I was going to spend that kind of money, might as well spend a little more with all the good reviews I've read on the Vortex. Most I've ever spent on glass and not disappointed.
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    1. Iron sights.

    2. Original M68 Aimpoint on a GGG cantilever mount so that it co-witnesses perfectly with the irons. (The M68 is soon to be replaced with an Aimpoint PRO - 2 MOA dot versus 4 MOA and a much longer battery run life.)

    But my rifle is set up for CQB purposes -

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