Pistol Sight Adjusting/Replacement Tool
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Thread: Pistol Sight Adjusting/Replacement Tool

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    Pistol Sight Adjusting/Replacement Tool

    I have been looking for one and didn't want to pat 300FRN for the one from MGW. Looks like a great lower cost option.

    Jennings Machine and Tool - Home

    Jennings Machine Sight Pusher and TruGlo GLOCK Sights ? GunsAmerica Blog

    Something for our Glock fans too.

    TruGlo Sights



    Jennings Machine and Tool Xtream Sight Pusher

    This one is a twofer. Let’s start with the basic dilemma. GLOCK sights are like the plastic forends on AR-15s. They work. They even work well. But the more you know about how you like to run your gun, the more you want to change out forends and sights. Enter the GLOCK 42. This dynamic little pugilist punches above his weight. And the stock sights are sufficient, but not magnificent. Time for a change.
    I’m not a fan of the GLOCK rear sight. It works, but there are better options.

    The slanted pin in the Xtream catches the angle of the sight.

    I like gunsmithing gadgets. Not that you have to be a smith to use a sight pusher, but you know what I mean. Armorer’s tools may be a better description. Gadgets. I like me some gadgets. So when I found Jennings Machine and Tool, I was instantly smitten. You never know when some sights are going to need to be pushed around.
    The flat angle pin works, too, as there are small indentions on the sights where it can seat, which allows the pressure to be applied evenly.

    The pin pushes the sight off.

    The Jennings Sight Pusher is quite the contraption. The basic premise is based on stability and direct, focused application of consistent force. The aluminum blocks stabilize the frame, holding it immobile, while the turning of the screw applies pressure to the sight itself, and not the frame.
    The clamp is aluminum, and simple padding in the jaws keeps the slide from being marred.

    Once the initial bond breaks, the sight can be pushed out by hand.

    For the purpose of moving sights, the Xtream Sight Pusher is about as substantial as you would need. It works well on GLOCKs, 1911s, and anything that has flat sides. For guns with safety levers, Jennings makes the MK IV, which has cut outs for safeties. I’ve used the Xtream on two GLOCKs, and a 1911, and can’t envision a sight that this couldn’t move.
    All you need is a simple tool kit to move almost any pistol sights.

    Jennings Machine and Tool. Made in the USA.

    The price on the Xtream is $65. The MK IV is $80. This is clearly a one time expense, as the pusher will stay in your tool kit forever. Or you can spend just as much, or more, on a pusher that is made just for one specific gun. GLOCK aficionados know what I mean. Getting a sight pusher made exclusively for a GLOCK is fine, if you won’t ever own anything else. If you might, why not opt for something more versatile?
    Why would you want to change the sights?

    GLOCK sights work. They are not the most functional, though. As one who trains one handed, I like to see sights that have a functional shelf on the front side that can catch on a holster or boot heel. And GLOCK sights are rather bland. I personally prefer something brighter, too. As I consider GLOCKS to be defensive pistols, I rarely align sights at full extension. Instead, I point shoot or shoot quickly, only glimpsing the sights. In those situations anything that helps you reference the target is beneficial–and color helps. Bright color is even better. Glowing bright color is really helpful in low light.
    TruGlo has built a brand on bright sights.

    Green or yellow? Green front with yellow rear? Your choice.

    TruGlo makes some nice sights. These Tritium Fiber Optics (TFO) have an odd feature that I like a lot. They’re Tritium inside fiber optic sleeves. The dots glow well enough on their own in daylight and low light, but come alive at night. They are also more robust. As you’ll see in the images, the GLOCK sight isn’t robust. These TruGlo Brite Sites are. They’re steel. Dovetailed. The fit was perfect. And the performance was spot on. I installed them in the most basic way I know how, which is to simply center them on the slide. Again, the exacting pressure applied by the Jennings pusher came in very handy, as I didn’t have to hammer anything.
    Sliding the new sight back in is easier than removing the old one.

    It is a simple matter of moving the push pin to the other side.

    The GLOCK 42 sights sell for $153. That’s not cheap, but you don’t get this level of performance and versatility in a lot of the competition. These sights are stout. They stand up to the abuse of holstering in Kydex, and the rough manipulation of training. I’ve had these on this gun (which is what I’m carrying and training with now) for three solid months. No movement. No signs of wear.
    The pins fit into this bolt, which is turned with a large Allen wrench.

    TruGlo left–GLOCK Sight right.

    The TG is a substantial sight, capable and solid.

    GLOCK front sights screw in from under the slide.

    The fiber optic pics up ambient light, while the tritium glows at night.

    Even in action, the glow is easily visible.

    You never lose sight of the bright green glow.

    The TruGlo sights stand up to daily use and hard abuse.

    And they work well. This is six shots from 25 yards. The accuracy is fine–it is the shooter that needs a bit more work.

    While you can’t push a GLOCK front sight, you can push some 1911 front sights.

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    Good price. I think I paid $100 for the one from Glockmeister. Glockmeister Sight Tool for All GLOCK Models-www.glockmeister.com
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    Good price with plenty of flexibility. I paid a little more for one as robust, but not as versatile. On some guns, such as the S&W M&P line, you have to remove the rear sight to access critical slide parts. You will never regret getting a good sight pusher, and this appears to be one of the better ones. Good photos.


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