Trijicon's new 42mm Reflex vs. the Trijicon 24mm.
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Thread: Trijicon's new 42mm Reflex vs. the Trijicon 24mm.

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    Trijicon's new 42mm Reflex vs. the Trijicon 24mm.

    MadDog, you might be able to help me out here. The new 42mm Reflex, how is the light loss compared to the old 24mm?

    I find the light loss of the 24mm is too much for use in low/no light conditions. I tried using it outside at night and I can't see anything beyond 10 yards really. I am better off with a partial moon light and night sights.

    Any info would great. Thanks.
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    Re: Trijicon's new 42mm Reflex vs. the Trijicon 24mm.

    The RX30 (42mm) is MUCH better then the old Reflex II. The dot is just as bright at night as it is in broad daylight. One reason is the dot is 6moa and the tritium source is much brighter. In total darkness the dot if bright but if it is so dark you can't see your target then it doesn't make a difference how bright the dot is. There is little to no washout when viewing from inside a dimly lit room to a bright outdoor situation. I find it perfect for my PDW but prefer something with a 2 moa dot if I am using a rifle for 100 + yard use.

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