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Thread: How do you "train" yourself to use holo sights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SigsRule View Post
    Here's one technique.

    holding the rifle down, well below your line of sight, look at something in the distance with both eyes open. Now slowly raise the rifle up until it is within your line of sight. Without taking your eyes off whatever you were looking at you should see the red dot suddenly appear. This is the drill we use for teaching people to use binoculars, look at the target and bring the binoculars up into the line of sight. Your brain will make the switch automatically if you let it. I tried this with my ACOG when I first got it and it worked like a champ.


    And works especially well with a single point sling.
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    On a related note, I've tried a few BUIS with my xcr and In my experience the easiest and best BUIS for target acquisition and eyes open shooting are diamondheads. I've used Matech and MI and had a hard time with both - but the rear outer halo combined with the diamond shape for almost unconscious front halo centering works incredibly well for me. I also only recently started using a reflex dot sight and the transition was fairly seamless. As a kid learning to shoot I was hard wired to close my left eye, but it's been an interesting & fun challenge to learn tactical carbine & CQB fundamentals.

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    Practice, practice, practice. Some folks find it easier with the holo sight positioned more towards the rear of the rifle so the left eye doesn't see the dot at all.
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    I did see Angelina Jolie shoot a bullet in a full circle one time, so I know it can be done.
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