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    A killflash or ARD (Anti-Reflective Device) is a honeycomb grid that is placed over the objective of a rifle scope to reduce glint off of the front element to better conceal the sniper's position. The Leupold Mk 4 I had on my M24 SWS had one and it did not take me long to remove it. That lens was so well coated that there was very little reflection off of the front element and with the 3" sunshade that was on it, it really wasn't necessary. Plus it cuts the light coming into the scope by about a third. Pretty much all of the rest of the B-4's in my unit took theirs off as well.

    In the civilian world I don't see much use for them, unless some GI Joe wannabe wants to look all tactical, which is stupid. If you want to impress me, show me sub moa, preferably 1/2 MOA groups.
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    LOL, yeah...you'll wake the dead!

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