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    Shooting Left

    OK, I just received my XCR. I have put over 300 rounds through it to get through the break-in period. (Not one foul! I was so excited)

    I put on Magpul MBUS iron sights.
    However, I have to adjust the rear sights almost to the full right for to hit center.

    Any ideas why?


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    Re: Shooting Left

    I would strip the upper down and remove the barrel. Clean out the barrel socket and make sure there isn't any debris or gunk on the extension that is making it seat off kilter. Then reinstall everything and torque down the barrel bolt correctly and see if that makes a difference.
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    Re: Shooting Left

    Are your BUIS seated right? Maybe pull them off and re-seat/re-tighten.

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    Re: Shooting Left

    It can seem hard to do, and with the Magpul BUIS may be impossible, but check to make sure you have them on the correct direction. With a picatinny rail mount one side of the sight is solid and one side floats. Make sure your sights are mounted with the solid side of the sights on the same side of the rail.

    I would not know this because of expierence. I did expierence what your discribing though.

    Good Luck.

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    Re: Shooting Left

    "I put on Magpul MBUS iron sights."

    Don't torque too hard on them.


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