Received my Nov 2016 order from RA.

I've been waiting for the below since then.
Type 2 gas block and some other good stuff!!-noname-2-.jpg
Type 2 in Mini length with appropriate gas tube and op rod.

My plan was to compare the type 1, 2 and 3 head to head suppressed on an upper to see if I could tell any big differences. So far I've been unable to get my hands on a type 3 gas tube so I won't be able to do the complete test. I've been real happy with the adjustability of the type 3. Haven't done a ton of suppressed shooting with the M but haven't been real impressed with the type 2 on the M because it's been way overgassed. SO!! I'm hoping to get to the range this week and see how the short stroke will do in my 10" 5.45 upper. It's currently over gassed with the type 1.

The other part I've been anticipating is the new AR fixed adapter.
Type 2 gas block and some other good stuff!!-noname-1-.jpg
Now you can use fixed AR stocks without it looking completely wonky. The new adapter raises the stock about a half inch. Much more in line with standard AR height. The lines on the adapter aren't as smooth as the M4 version but I'm excited about trying the PRS on my XCR. Below is an 18" XCR next to my 20" AR. Similar stock setup. The LOP on the XCR is longer for a given adjustment on the PRS. It's tough to see in the pic but the LOP on the XCR is about .25" longer than on the AR with the pad extended. Either way, I feel like this is a much better stock setup than the fixed adapter with CTR and riser or the ACR stock (just for the prone stuff, still a big fan of the ACR stock).
Type 2 gas block and some other good stuff!!-noname.jpg