Properly storing the XCR for HD
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Thread: Properly storing the XCR for HD

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    Properly storing the XCR for HD

    This has probably been covered before but I could not find it in search. Decided to store my XCR-L bolt closed, trigger pulled, safety off, loaded magazine in. Went to do so, and I could not insert my full Lancer magazine. Tried it with CMags, and it works. Tired it with PMags and it works. Bummer, because I like the clarity of the Lancers. Couple of questions:

    1. Is there a consensus on storing the XCR (bolt open/closed? Magazine in/out? Safety on/off? Trigger pulled? etc.)
    2. Have others run into this with Lancers?

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    I store mine with the bolt closed, mag in on some....out on others, safety off (b/c the trigger's been pulled)....but since I don't want to lose an XCR to an "investigation" if I have to use it for HD....I use my LWRC SBR for that's loaded, condition one (one in the chamber, safety on).
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