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    XCR Gas Adjustment

    Lately I have been running my XCR-L 5.56 in two gun matches. I tuned the gun that has the .223 Wylde chamber to PMC .223 ammo (accurate and soft shooting). It has run fine with over 600 rounds on gas setting one. And then, on the last stage of a match I apparently ran into a 20 round box of ammo that was not up to spec. The rifle became a single shot so I ran out of time manipulating the bolt for each shot thereafter.

    I took the rest of that ammo home, turned the gas to setting 2 and it ran fine. Well I also own FAL's and remembered what it says in their manual. Tune it to where the rifle is working reliably and then add one additional setting of gas. Good advice, lesson learned!
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    Pitfall of the adjustable gas.

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    Most of the Robinson Team shooters run on setting 2. A few of us use 3.


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