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    Folding Stock Q

    Considering buying an XCR. The standard folding stock, when I played with an XCR at a shop the other day I saw that the stock does not lock close when folded. So, does it stay put or does it flop all over the place when moving around (and stock is folded)?

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    Re: Folding Stock Q

    For some this might be an issue but that has not been the case for me personally. It doesn't lock when folded but I find it's easier to deploy and I don't shoot with it folded so it's more for storage compactness than anything else. Just yesterday while out Jack Rabbit hunting I found that I could fold it while carrying it slung and could deploy while shouldering with ease and there is a tension screw that keeps it from being too loose. :2cents:
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    Re: Folding Stock Q

    Correct, it doesn't lock closed.

    But it doesn't flop around either. Stays put well.

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    Re: Folding Stock Q

    It also means you can deploy it faster if need be, you don't have to remember the extra step to unlock it.

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    Re: Folding Stock Q

    You can adjust the stiffness of the hinge to reduce slop as much as you want.
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