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Thread: Bolt won't fully close.

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    Found the issue, take the die and back out the decapping pin almost all the way out and lock it in just so there is enough to pop out the prime. Take sized case drop it in the chamber (minus bullet, primer, powder etc) let the bolt go and see what happens. For me the pin was down too far for NATO casings. Hope this helps, don't mess with your chamber.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRPAUBREY View Post
    Wow, that answered that! (sort of). The surplus round dropped .2" deeper into the chamber than my hand load. The question is.....why. The AOL of both is the same. I tried to chamber that same hand load 2 times and the shoulder shows signs that it was contacting the throat of the chamber? The top half of the case also shows sings that it was very tight in the chamber. I have never had any issues with brass sizing in my bolt action.
    A case gauge might be in your future. I had the same issue. I had the seating/crimping dies set way out of spec.
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    Perhaps you could invest in a cartridge gauge. They mimic the chamber of the caliber you are using. Use the gauge to adjust your dies. Easier to use than your barrel. If the rounds won't fit in the gauge, they won't fit in the rifle. I use Dillon and Wilson gauges to set up my dies. Using regular Redding dies I find "small base" dies unnecessary. I have loaded thousands of .223 and .308 using Redding dies adjusted using these gauges.
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