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Thread: XCRM vs SCAR vs DSA FAL vs CETME vs G3 vs POF vs PWS vs SOCOM vs Sig716 vs RFB

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyC View Post
    I'd hang fire with the game hanger comments until it actually gets released. I've got three bulpups and was issued an SA80 in the military as well as 'borrowed' an AUG. So far the Tavor is my favorite but something in 308 with a little more accuracy than my RFB would be nice, but well see. Enough rifles have had lots of promise and then turned out to be so so on release.

    Mickey c, I see you have used a AUG. I have got a AUG A3 and just love it. It has been 100% reliable with factory and my reloads. It is so dam easy to break down and clean. How did you like the Aug? They are used around the world and even a few agencies in the USA use them. I love the Aug factory magazines I have just got some 42 rounder's in and they work great

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    Quote Originally Posted by kev500 View Post
    Like I stated 2015 release date, how long did take RA to release a simple stock 5 years or so.
    But that doesn't mean anything....just b/c it looks great in testing doesn't mean it will actually work IRL. Look at RA and their over the beach test. It would seem the rifles should eat anything....and you and I both know that without work to our individual rifles, that was NOT the case.

    We'll have to wait and see on the DT bullpup.
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