Best ammo???
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Thread: Best ammo???

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    Unhappy Best ammo???

    So ive been using bulk ammo but its performance isn't up to par 2-4 moa can it get better then that with a xcm-m? Also tried Winchester xp3 I believe it was called wasn't that good either..Any thoughts?? im in Canada

    Thanks for your help

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    Bulk surplus ammo is generally rated for 3 you're getting what is expected from that ammo.

    Supposedly the Ms like 168 grain best....I'd get some match ammo and test that in the 168 gr. weight. **EDIT** Federal Gold Medal Match 168 gr. is pretty common.
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    Thanks XCR Guru ill give it a try

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    Best ball is Lithuanian 146gr 7.62x51 surplus (GGG) headstamp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gramps96Kz View Post
    Best ball is Lithuanian 146gr 7.62x51 surplus (GGG) headstamp
    Thanks Gramps96Kz ...GGG is the company? also is that what your using? hows it work for you?

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    I buy my ammo from canada ammo go there and look under 7.62X51 you can buy 1000 round crate of Nato for 399.00 and free shipping . I,m on my third crate and it is great ammo and very accurate .
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    Canadian tire sells 308 for 10 dollars a box they are metal jackets and 147 grain I found them ok !!!! One other thing do the 175 instead of the 168grain if you check on the ballistics the 168 has been filmed a wing side ways it's whole run and the BC is in the 300, s the 175 for some strange reason has a BC Of 525 and easily runs 1200 yard's

    thanks Jason!

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    Honestly 7.62x51 "NATO" will shoot best including wolf
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    Those 168's run like mad!
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    I ran the 168 Sierra Matchkings for a lot of years..... when the 175 Matchkings came out, I wasn't interested.
    Why change something that worked, and worked well?

    After a year or two of taking some hounding from a good friend who knows what's what, I 'gave in' and bought a small (100 bullet) box of 175's. I still have most of a 500 bullet box of 168's on my bench.

    No joke, the 175's are just that much better.
    Now let me throw a caveat in there...... if you're talking offhand shooting, the 168's are fine - nobody shoots the difference offhand.
    Likewise, if you're shooting 500 and in, stick with the 168's - there's no difference worth talking about between the 168 and the 175 inside 500, and it's trivial at 600.

    After 600 though, the difference really picks up.

    Now if we're talking Hornady 168 AMAX bullets, that's a whole different matter!
    I'm actually switching over to the 168 AMAX after I deplete my current stock of 175 SMKs. Not that the 168 flies that much better, but they're 'more readily available', cheaper, and fly just as good - why not switch?
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