.308 Shorty failing to extract/double feeding
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Thread: .308 Shorty failing to extract/double feeding

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    .308 Shorty failing to extract/double feeding

    I recently bought a xcr-m in .308 with a 10 inch barrel. I ran close to 300 rounds through it with no issues, and got my gas settings dialed in. I ran another hundred or so rounds through it suppressed, and again had no issues. Unfortunately, after taking the suppressor off, it started failing to extract fully and the next round is getting stuck between the old case and the ramp. Have any of y'all run into something similar, and do you know of a fix?

    I did notice that it happened whenever I switched ammo, but I haven't had a chance to take it out again with better rounds to see if that's the whole issue.

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    Did you switch the gas setting back to unsuppressed when you went loud?
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    What ammo is having the issue and what were you running that worked?

    My 12.5" XCR-M in .308 had problems at first....wrong Type 3 dial was shipped with it. That doesn't appear to be your problem as it ran for 400 rounds without issue.

    I doubt your gas system is fouled with only 100 rounds suppressed, but a good cleaning of the dial/ports couldn't hurt...and if you're that far in...might as well clear the bbl port too.....

    I'd also second Chris' question. Easy mistake and thankfully, easy to correct.
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