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Thread: Which grip?

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    Re: Which grip?

    I really like the rubber of the Hogue. Together with some Surefire rubber ladder covers, it makes a real "grippy, soft" feeling rifle.
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    I bought an MOE+ for my birthday. I took it to the range yesterday. It feels like a different rifle, it is so much better both shooting from a bench and standing.

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    I agree with Carpenter, I love the feel of the Hogue and now they offer it with a beaver tail.

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    MY buddy uses a Hogue and I use a DMPS palm shelf grip for our XCR's. To each his own. The DMPS is huge though which I love cause my figures can wrap around to the back of my hand . The palm shelf is great for prone or bench shooting too. It's also damn near straight up and down grip which I'm used too. I also own a Magpul MOE but have yet to even use it. It's a lot nicer than the stock grip either way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjorin View Post
    I agree with Carpenter, I love the feel of the Hogue and now they offer it with a beaver tail.
    Hogue description says beaver tail will not work with ambi safety. Any comments?

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    I like the BCM Mod1 and Mod3. Mod1 for normal people. Mod3 for giant meat hooks. Mod2 is adjustable... not really into it.

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    Do what I've done on my grips. Take the cheap black grip that came with your weapon and file down all the bumps and ridges you don't like, get some epoxy putty (colored if you so desire) and mix it up real good, apply it over the entire grip, then grip the whole thing like you're going to use the weapon.... This method gives your hand a home you can love (your friends won't like it as much, but they can buy their own weapon if they care that much). You will likely have to spend some time filing down the build up between where your thumb now rests and where it will want to go to switch the safety selector.... enjoy.
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    How about the Magpul MVG MOE Vertical Grip? It looks awesome on the XCR. I had the Magpul AFG Angled Fore Grip on my Rev. G XCR 6.8 but I didn't like it.

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